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     Order at the individual project SATO-Meble gives you the opportunity to participate in the process of its creation. In this way you can customize furniture to their expectations and needs. Designed in this way the furniture is comfortable, functional, and not repeatable.
     Order individual project is particularly advantageous when the house has an unusual shape, and your expectations are nontrivial.
     During our first meeting we set together, what kind of furniture you will need to be their number, size, and are to be placed relative to each other, whether they be on the floor, ground floor, attic, or basement. What are your preferences for the appearance, shape and color?
     To help clarify the needs and expectations, are at your disposal we have a high-end architects and interior of the image. We own a professional software to support design and visualize your ideas. We have a huge library of ready-made designs, sketches, materials, photos ...